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Sample Letter Requesting Medical Records

August 7, 2011 by admin  

People often find the thought of requesting medical records somewhat intimidating. If you do, try to remember that it’s your right to request and receive your own medical information.  All you have to do is ask for it, and I’ve provided a sample letter for you to copy to make the request even easier (see download link below).

Be sure to request health information from your primary care doctor and the specialists that you see the most, first. Remember, you are truly entitled to request your medical information. It’s your legal right.

Download Free Letter to request your medical records

Written by Jeffrey B. Brown, MD, FACP

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4 Comments on "Sample Letter Requesting Medical Records"

  1. Tommy on Mon, 5th Sep 2011 9:56 pm 

    Do you have more great artilces like this one?

  2. admin on Tue, 6th Sep 2011 2:07 am 

    Yes, stay tuned.

  3. iphone 5 on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 1:14 pm 

    These are superb suggestions specifically to those new to blogosphere, short and correct information… Many thanks for sharing this info. I should go through report.

  4. mark reynolds on Sun, 11th Sep 2011 4:13 pm 

    This is a great site! Dοеѕ anyone know whеrе I саn find a ехсеllеnt sample letter tο send tο a collection agency requesting a reduction οf debt owed? I’ve bееn researching οn hοw tο negotiate wіth collection agencies аnd hаνе come tο thе conclusion tο keep іt аll іn prose wіth receipts аnd proof.

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